Simplifying the
Complexities of Gait

The Locometrics Gait Assessment System

…is a gait assessment education online course, providing a systematic approach to simplifying the complexities of gait assessment.

The online course provides teaching through reading materials, video, and learning quizzes. 

Gait analysis is a powerful way to quickly gather and analyze large amounts of information about your patients/clients that is critical for taking corrective to significantly improve their quality of life.

  Why Assess Gait?

  • Most people walk in a unique way, so there are large amounts of normative data for each patient.
  • Walking is a uniquely human activity.
  • Walking is a dynamic movement requiring stringent assessments to guide clinical decisions.
  • Walking is a baseline.   If a patient can’t control the movement at a slow speed it is unlikely to improve when the patient adds speed.